These are the Balboa Park, the Parque de la Familia and the "Devil's Gate", located in the canton Planes de Renderos. In the route between these three destinations and the Casco Urbano de Panchimalco there is also the famous "Mirador" that curiously belongs to the municipality of San Marcos, but that geographically forms part of this tourist circuit.

The toponym of "Panchimalco" comes from the Nahuat, and means "Place of Flags and Shields"

Church of the Holy Cross of Rome

This temple was built around the year 1730 by the natives, directed in turn by religious friars. Its façade is baroque and is 40 meters long by 18 meters wide. Its vault is reinforced by 16 columns of balsam wood.

The most famous event of the municipality is the famous Procession of Las Palmas, which takes place on the first Sunday of May and which represent traditional dances such as the Chapetones and Los Historiantes.

 flautista de Panchimalco


The pre-Columbian population of Panchimalco was Toltec. During the conquest of the territory, by the Spanish forces, the area was called "El Fuerte" by the concave shape of the land that gave advantage to the natives. In 1770 the region belonged to the parish of San Jacinto and six years later it was part of the party of San Salvador. Between 1824 and 1836 it was part of the department of San Salvador, and, from 1824 to 1836, of the Central American Federal District. In 1865 it was annexed to the district of Santo Tomas. The 7 of February of 1879 the head took the title of town by Legislative decree.

The patron saint's feasts of Panchimalco are celebrated between the 13 and 14 of September in honor of the Holy Cross of Rome. However, the first Sunday in May takes place the most popular and colorful festival of the town called "Cultural fair of flowers and palms" or simply "Procession of the palms" in honor of the Virgin Mary, a holiday in charge of one "Confraternity of flowers and palms". On this day there are representations of the traditional dances of the Chapetones and the Historians.

The most colorful event is the religious procession. In it the attendants carry coconut palms that have inserted seasonal flowers. The crowd starts from three points of the town carrying images of the Virgin Mary. The event culminates in a mass in the church. In the middle of the celebrations there is sale of traditional food from El Salvador.

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