RASTAMAYA TOURS is an innovative tourism company, located in El Salvador. It promotes the development of the communities with sustainable potential tourism. Our operations are done under social responsibilities standards that promote the rescue of our cultural heritage and he nature preservation. We pretend that tourists have a pleasant trip and experience. We offer different tourist packs adapted to the type of trip that you wish to have. Our goa lis to make all trips a unique, exciting, safe, and cool experience.


We are a company of tourism services under the high quality, safety and sustainability standards. We provide a reliable and comfortable service in the activities to do in the different trips. This is in alliance with companies that provide complementary services and that share sustainability goals. To reach our goal, we count on a professional staff and a program that allows us to innovate and to adapt to the changes of the travel world by satisfying the needs of the tourists.


To be the best sustainable tourism operator in a local, national and international level. We are committed to provide and excellent service to ensure the satisfaction of our tourists. We are focused on the continuous improvement of our operations so that they can warrant a sustainable area that brings natural, social, and economic benefit.


As part of our enterprise culture, we asume as norms or behavior principles the following values:

Costumer is first:

The satisfaction of our costumers is essential for the success of RASTAMAYA TOURS. We get your satisfaction when we listen, understand, and anticipate your needs so that we fulfill your expectations by offering a quality service with social responsibility.


We are constantly committed to practice our values standards. We are honest, ethical, and fair in all of our activities. We keep our word, and we confess our mistakes. We take the responsibility of our actions, and we treat everyone with respect, to make sure that RASTAMAYA TOURS continues being a company that you can trust.


In RASTAMAYA TOURS, we have high quality standards, and our goal is to improve continuously in everything we do. We define quality by the security of our services, by our technical equipment, by fulfilling all the legal requirements, by the motivation and training of our staff, the integrity of our people, and low impact to the environment.


The activities that we do in RASTAMAYA TOURS are eco-friendly, socially fair, and economically worthwhile


In RASTAMAYA TOURS, we have understood that our strength and competitive advantage is and will always be our people. Our spirit joins us to reach a common goal. We cooperate, collaborate, and help each other to create a participating and motivating place. We promote the respect and environmental education.

Creativity Space:

In RASTAMAYA TOURS, we create ideas that challenge the ordinary and existent. We invite everyone to look for our services, new ways to do what you know by innovating in what we currently do. We believe that this is how RASTAMAYA TOURS can grow as Tour Operator, and our staff can learn for their labor and private life.


Our work is in a honorable and fair way, demonstrating a behavior of respect, and fulfilling the norms and laws.




Sustainability: The Company is committed to operate to promote environment, culture and economy development of cities where operates, generating a supplying chain committed to homogeneous targets, motivating the creation of policies to promote the conservation of the ecosystem and assuring sustainable economically companies.

Laws and Regulations: The Company complies with all laws and regulations of the country regarding the rights of employees and business practices.

Forced Labor and Human Trafficking: The Company does not use any kind of forced labor and is it is also against human trafficking.

Child Labor: The Company does not use child labor in its activities, in the same way the company will not have any relationship with companies that do not have clear a policy related child labor.

Discipline Practices: The Company ensures a working environment, fair and free from harassment and abuse as well as the communication channels appropriate to report such situations.

Wages and Benefits: The Company guarantees the payment of a fair wage, including overtime wages and benefits as established by law.

Working Hours: The Company will comply with the legal regulations regarded to standard and overtime working hours.

Non-Discrimination: The Company is prohibits any kind of discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, political opinion, social origin. The Company prohibits pregnancy test and/or HIV test as hiring requirements.

Health and Safety: The Company to ensure the health and safety of employees and tourists, complying with national rules and maintaining an ongoing training program to promote a culture of security within and outside the company.

Environment: The Company complies with all legal regulations regarding the protection of the environment by adopting an active participation to promote the care and recovery of the green areas.






Ubicación:  5ta Avenida Sur #6, Chalchuapa El Salvador

Email: jorge.rm@rastamaya.com

(Whatsapp: +503 7878-0155)

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